Clubsport pedals V3 accelerator problem

Hi everyone, yesterday during a league race I got an accelerator pedal problem.

The problem is that for about 50% of travel the throttle pedal gives no input, after that it goes working but at full throttle I gut about 50% throttle.

I checked in different games and the problem us the same.

I have the podium F1 with the pedals and nothing else running on a PS5. This for a couple of years now with no issues.

I started doing some tests so I turned over the pedals stand and on the rear box I connected the clutch pedal to the gas plug and the throttle pedal to the clutch plug. The clutch goes to 100% with the throttle pedal and the gas shows the same problem with the clutch pedal. So my guess is that the problem is not on the actual pedal but on the electric box.

Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for any help.



  • Have you tried manually calibrating the pedals?

  • Yep, same issue tonight... The problem lies with the pin, however not really a major issue... After spending my night scratching my head, I realised upon looking at the pin, one end of it has a very small, I can only assume, magnet pressed in one end, which is what has to face the sensor mounted on the side of the accelerator... However, the block that the spring pin is screwed into, and the grub screw, must face downward, and be comfortably seated in the central divot of the pin, then all tightened up... After that you should find that the accelerator will work fine...

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