Wait for Fanatec Support or purchase new CSL Pedals LC?

Hey everyone, I wanted your input on the issue a lot of people have been experiencing recently... That is the accelerator/throttle pedal not working after connecting the load cell (CSL Pedals LC).

Essentially, I sent a support request last Friday and I'm still waiting for a response. Looking at other threads, it seems like we're in for a 2-3 weeks wait period just for the initial response 😶

In that case, would it be prudent to simply order a new set of pedals and RMA the defective set (for a refund) when support gets through to my ticket? What do you guys think; Has any of you done the same? I am based in Canada by the way.


  • You have 15 days to request a refund, you don't have to wait for someone to answer you. You do not have to justify the return within 15 days. They will likely charge you for the return shipping costs. It can be a trick to speed things up.

    If they respond to your ticket and offer you a repair, and it's been 15 days, I don't know if they'll accept the refund. They are required to accept a return and refund the money only if the return is made within 15 days, after which they only have the obligation to repair the product. Replacement is provided only if they fail to repair the product.

    I do know though that someone bought a new LC pedal, and they haven't solved the problem. Look for other discussions on the same issue.

  • Honestly id just work on requesting a refund the customer service is honestly terrible. My steering wheel came broken they never responded and i had to fix it myself and the pedals also came broken.

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