Im confused

Hello - Im hoping some of the folks who know fanatec better can help me understand the current status of orders.

I ordered on May 12th - deciding to take the plunge. Probably not the best time to order, but I was ok with waiting until July which was what was shown at the time of order for some of my parts (pedals I think). The wheelbase was listed as June.

If I take a look now I see that the wheelbase is listed as August 7th. My question is - is it now assumed that my entire order is back ordered until August? Or is that only NEW orders are back ordered until August?


  • Based on my experience, from the order I placed in April, your ENTIRE ORDER will be delayed if anything in your order is not in stock.

  • Ive looked everywhere for answers and cant find any. On current order all items list availability date which is the 5th of june. For the csw 2.5 it just says

    ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5




    What does this mean if it shows no availability date...i ordered may 24th and the availability on the base was around the 6th i think. Also messaged them shortly after and still no reply. Not expecting speed just clarification on where my money spent stands.

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