Problem with throttle hall sensor on V3

Hi all,

did anyone had issue where hall sensor has delay in detecting pedal position when starting to change direction? So when I start pressing pedal or start releasing the throttle there is delay or free movement (not sure how to describe it).


  • Updated to beta 442 driver but still no work properly

  • I probably have exactly the same problem and opened a ticket ( CRM:000000700325025 ) on 08.04.2022 and also included a video in the problem description. Then the (standard?) answer was that I should please send a video with the problem......

    The sensor worked again for a while. But until now, no one at Fanatec has taken care of it. The problem with the flickering sensor signal is now back. I sent the video again, but unfortunately I haven't received an answer yet. Good support is different........

    I also changed the RJ11 connector for the clutch and throttle sensor on the circuit board. The problem then moves, so probably the sensor is already defective. Unfortunately the cable from the clutch sensor is too short (why is that?) to test it directly on the accelerator pedal. 

    If I don't get a reaction, I'll probably change to heusinkveld.


  • Fanatec has now sent me a new Hall sensor.

    That was very quick, thank you for that.

    Hopefully the sensor signal problems will be permanently solved.

  • Had the same thing, but i found a solution in my Case.

    There is a small grub screw underneath the Pedal which holds the magnet in place. This screw came loose, so the magnet would turn inside the Pedal and not (or not consistent) relative to the sensor.

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