Fanatec Driver 442 (Beta) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Aha, okay... This international company like fanatec is actually doing great customer service here as they are trying to help every single person who had issues with the updates and most people could recover their devices with this help already. And the Driver was taken offline to prevent more cases (even though the case number is still very low as only very few Bases are affected which can cause the issues) a new Driver is already in the works with extra measures to prevent these issues as best as possible.

    Dont know what is unacceptable with this. Unacceptable would be if an international company like fanatec would not help at all - but thats not the case here...

  • Man don't even bother replying... Seriously... If you see the history of his comments you will notice that does not even worth your time.

    Who ever is following these threads especially know how much your (not even an employee of Fanatec) and Marcel are helping people with issues and how to recover their gear or make them work correctly in other cases.

    Keep it up.

  • fanatec is trying to help people solve the problems it has created.

  • I think people are getting frustrated because the work that Fanatec are now doing to make this driver work properly should have been done prior to it being released with such fanfare on this forum.

    Certain people have been trumpeting this release as the solution to all users problems. We were initially assured that this release was fully tested internally, that this was not a beta for user testing and we would be amazed by the fixes and improvements. But yet again a new release introduces new issues that Fanatec didn't find in two years of development and testing. It's another example of inadequate development and inadequate testing which ultimately leaves unwitting users to carry out testing on Fanatec's behalf.

    I believe the reference to this being unacceptable is due to an expectation that Fanatec would improve their development and testing regime so that new issues stop being introduced into public releases. That doesn't seem an unreasonable expectation to me.

    The help that is now being offered is welcome but it is really the bare minimum that can be expected. It is firefighting - fixing the problem after it is in the wild. Better processes would stop this from happening. That's what people expect from a company of Fanatec's size.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    The next driver will be 443 and focus on the Podium DD update issues and won't include a new firmware for the GT DD Pro yet.

    Yes it's normal that the Formula V2.5 is shown as V2.0 by the updater. The electronics of both are identical, they have just a slightly different appearance and the 2.5 is shipped with the QR in an extra package while the 2.0 had it already mounted. This is because in the future there will be the option of choosing between QR1 and QR2 before ordering.

  • To be honest Maurice , I sent a support ticket on the 10th of June , base (1500 eur) and wheel & PBME (800 eur) are not working , this for a product with a 5 year warranty . I recieved 2 emails in 2 weeks from Fanatec asking me to do stuff which didnt work , I have explained that I cant force an update because the on/off button is broken as well ( another known issue ) .

    The result is that i am referred back to my dealer , who tells me that it is out of warranty ( 5 years) when the product wasnt even released 5 years ago .

    The products were working fine with 440 , except for the on/off switch , 442 has messed it up . 2 weeks later and i still dont even have an RMA number , it appears impossible for fanatec to issue an RMA number for their own product , because I bought it from one of your official dealers who is only confusing matters .

    My base has the new FW , my motor the old , and the PBME isnt working at all - Ive tried the bootloader , In the meantime 2 weeks later , the base is still sitting here waiting for some form of communication .

  • You obviously just want a reason to bitch or someone else to blame! They have stated multiple times that the "ISSUE" lies with people not updating firmware correctly or in the correct order, as well as trying to downgrade in the incorrect order. If you don't know how to upgrade/downgrade firmware then you shouldn't be doing so in the first place. There is nothing major wrong with the firmware so stop trying to lay the blame at their feet, ESPECIALLY when they are trying to help people fix their own f**k ups!

  • NO, there are real issues.

    I update my driver with almost every release, and have DD2 from the initial launch.

    This was the second time my Formula V2 flaked out on a firmware flash and I had to reflash multiple times to get it to take. That is a bug. It may be hardware dependent, but I've done programming via USB mounted serial adapters. The solution is to lower the baud rate a click.

    Not saying some people don't make mistakes, but even then good software engineers make things safe for the customer. But it could also be a similar issue to my wheel flash, and here if it drops during a flash the unit is bricked.

    Fanatec isn't trying to release bad software and we can certainly see by their effort that they are trying to improve things for their customer. That doesn't mean they are actually doing a good job. Criticism is required for people to improve, you need to know where you're failing in order to focus. Fanatec is failing at reliably producing stable drivers and error-free upgrade mechanisms. It's just a fact.

  • I am nether bitching nor am I looking to blame my mistake on someone else as I am not affected by the issue. I updated fine just like I have for many years.

    However - if there was nothing for Fanatec to fix they would not have needed to withdraw the driver and be fixing right now. Fanatec have now realised that the driver should not be so sensitive to order. This is a new issue not present in previous drivers. It is not simply people being stupid. Updating should be idiot proof, as every day I am reminded how many idiots frequent this forum. Hope this helps.

  • Learn how to upgrade/downgrade firmware.

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  • Bit of new information , I managed to restore my base and PBME back to 440 .

    My main problem was that the on/off switch doesnt work , so i couldnt force the FW to update again and my wheel wasnt being recognised in the SW .

    Discovered that if I plug out at the back of the base and hold the power button while I plug it back in that it will also force a FW update so the base is re activated , after that i just ran the PBME bootloader which brought back my BME .

    Job done

  • Marcel,

    I was able to recover my DD1 and it is now functioning well with driver 442. Thank you for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated!!

  • hi, since driver 2xxx? i have this issue of loosing buttons and shifters after 3 or 5 sometimes 10 laps or 1.

    but this only happens with the wheels xbox comp. (mclaren gt3 v1, universl hub xbox one, csl wrc) with formula black, universal hub and bmw gt2 everything works perfect

    when i search for issues i always find this:

    obsolete software key/change tracker

    obsolete software key/fanatec msi

    only use PC, WIN11 HOME


    ps. driver 442 is fantastc

  • Is there a fix for a Podium Hub (brand new, RMA and second brand new) that won't be recognized by the DD2 base?

    V2.5 wheel is recognize every time without issues. But the Podium Hub, both that I've been sent, do not.

    I have tried dropping to the lower driver version that Fanatec (Adrian) recommended, and all of the other troubleshooting tips.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hi.

    I have exact the same problem.

    The first Podium Hub is not recognized by the DD2 base.

    The Second (new), also not recognized.

    Formula V2.5 X no problem.

    I already thought the DD2 Base was broken.

    But when I read here, others also have the problem. I hope that the DD2 is okay after all.


  • Is there any update on timeframe for this fix? I am having a weird problem after updating to 339 and am hoping that the new FW fixes it.

    Xbox series X

    I have DD1

    Metal QR

    Mclaren v2

    V3 pedals

    After the update to 339 when I hold xbox button to turn console off, the console does turn off but the wheel base and wheel are unresponsive and still on. Even pressing the button on the back of the wheelbase does not turn it off. I need to use the switch at the wall. I can get around it by turning the wheel base off, then the console, but it used to work fine.


  • "After the update to 339 when I hold xbox button".

    That version is from mid 2019. There are any number of newer updates you could try.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Very good idea, i didn't know that this still works with a base having the power button issue, I'm glad you could also bring it back to a working state, sorry for the trouble you were having.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you could revive it.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Which base do you have?

    driver 2xxx confuses me a bit because so far we had only 3 digits and the 2s were a long long time ago.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    I've also talked to Adrian already about this. It's quite weird and I think it might be a base issue even though a different wheel works with it. I'm not aware that any of the recent driver/firmware caused the Podium Hub to not get detected on only the P DD.

    While there were problems with other wheels detection after updating them using a Podium DD it was a differnet kind of issue and not one where the wheel would work normally when plugged into a different base like a CSW V2.5.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    We've fixed it in an internal test export and it will be in the next driver we upload, however I'm not yet sure about the exact date we will do so as we first need to make sure the next driver won't cause the same update issues. Regarding the update issues we've also made significant progress but are not done yet. We'll try to deliver it this week but I don't want to promise it.

  • I have the GT DD Pro and with 442 I also had the sporadic disconnects from the ps5.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    And no disconnects when using an older driver?

    Which game did you play? Does it happen with any game or only a specific one?

    Do you use an USB extension cable or is the base directly connected with the original cable?

  • I had the same problem and it is not a firmware problem, installing the previous one the same thing happens.

    Try connecting with a usb-c / usb-c cable to the front port of the ps5. I have been connected to that port for several days and have not had any disconnection again.

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