Shifter Sequential / H-pattern switch won't move on one side

One of the big selling points for the ClubSport shifter was that you could switch between sequential and H-pattern. The problem is that the resistance seems to be way too much on this switch. On my unit, you can't actually switch modes using only one switch, you need to be applying force to both switches. This is a big problem, because I also purchased a handbrake, so the second switch is unaccessible when mounted. I don't have the two devices directly mounted to each other, there is a gap between them.

Is this normal, and is there a way to fix this easily? Maybe a screw or two can be loosened somewhere? A few other people have had this issue, but I couldn't find a fix, and plenty of people seemed to have no issue switching modes with only one side.


  • you need both sides i think that's just normal.

  • My shifter works just fine using one side, which is a requirement as I too have the handbrake mounted. So something is not right.

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