Fanatec's Beta Firmware

I bought my CSL Elite for PS4 bundle about a year ago and noticed they haven't had any new official drivers for it in a while. They do, however, have lots of new beta updates.

 I don't have any issues per se. The only thing on their known issues list that may impact me is "Some experience random Jolts/Knocks/Thumps while driving"

 What's the consensus on running Fanatecs beta drivers?


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    Ehm.. Latest official driver 439 is not really that old and was released just 4 months ago?!

    Latest Beta driver was 431 and that was released 7 months ago. All drivers which followed after that were official non-beta drivers or RC (Release Candidate) drivers.

    And btw, the Jolts dont impact you as a CSL Elite user. That's a DD exclusive issue.

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