shipping of in stock items?

anyone here know when they ship items that are in stock i placed a order on may 29th and payment is done June 1st was a holiday in Germany but now on June 3rd no sign that my items have been shipped but items are still in stock i only see in my orders The order has been processed anyone know if they ship them with that message or have any idea on how shipments work?

i only see on fanatec site that items are dispatch same day as money is received witch means something should have happend June 2nd or today :/


  • I also did not see the shipment but it came after 3 days.

  • there are ppl that have been waiting for their order to ship for about a month now, fanatec has just recently started shipping orders again last week, so your most likely on the waiting list, it will probably take another week or so

  • I ordered my wheel, wheel base and pedals which were all in stock on the Thursday 28th May, received on 1st June. Less than 5 days from payment to being in my hands

  • Great for you. My order was placed on May 8th and I can't even get them to return an email, much less get my order to me. As I've said, I'm patient with the items themselves but am becoming VERY frustrated with Fanatec over their blatant disregard for replying to customer inquiries. I have emailed and Facebook messaged them 11 days ago and have not received a single response.

  • Did you try to contact Dominic with PM?

    Although he is the forum community representative, he is more than helpfull and always try to get info from the sales department and help the customers. Most of us wish he was also a sales representative.

  • I'm hearing so much of this, the lack of communication is awful. Were your items in stock?

  • My order was placed 18th April. Due date of items to come into stock was today, still just sat there saying preorder available June 3rd.. Have paid the thing off already and have no idea when it'll come now.

    Read some comments of people getting no shipping notification, which honestly would piss me off. After this long I don't want to be screwing around having to chase couriers if I miss it.

  • Which countries??

    Might help track the issues if posters put their country!!

  • im in Iceland so my order should be shipped from Germany my purchase is a dd2 base and a wheel when your spending over 2 months apartment rent on a purchase its really annoying the costumer support is so bad here at Fanatec

  • Hi there, chances are your order has shipped. I placed three different orders for in stock items over the past month and each time the order status just says 'in process'. The last order I placed, they didn't even issue me with an invoice like they normally do! If your order is coming by UPS, can you actually find the tracking number using this method (I found this on reddit)

    1. Go to your the UPS webpage for your region.
    2. In the track my parcel section, select track parcel by reference number
    3. in the “shipment reference” box, enter your Fanatec customer number. This can be found on the invoice for your order, and/or on the Fanatec website once logged in.
    4. Select the date range that you would like to search. Just put the date range between the date you placed your order to the current date.
    5. Enter destination country details and postcode details
    6. Select the track button

    This should give you the tracking number.😀

  • this is awesome i had no idea this was possible i talked to Dom community manager and he told me it should be going out tomorrow and this confirms it also when i sent a email to the sales team i got a automatic email confirmation and in there it said orders might take 1 to 4 days to go into shipment and today was the 4th day and a label was created today so now its just hoping that my order comes beginning of next week

  • Hi Alexandros

    How can I contact Dominic?

    What is his email address


  • Though a PM in the forum.

    His name is Dominic Brennan

  • i received my order on June 8th really happy about it the DD2 base will absolutely kill your arms and is fkn epic i really love it specially the compatibility mode with club sport v2.5 this is defenetly the best direct drive wheel because of that

  • My customer offers free transportation for every one of her items (wedding dresses, thousands). However, she just presented a couple more modest things that she needs to add postage to.. 

    As the remainder of the store is free delivery, I'm simply going to add weight to the items requiring an expense and afterward add them that way.. however, exceptionally chaotic! On the off chance that I need, I generally prefer USPS for delivery administrations.

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