Newbie With Some Teething Issues


I've just received all my new Fanatec gear to bolt onto my P1-X but I'm having a few issues:

Issue 1:

The podium wheel base mount bolts supplied by Fanatec are too short, anyone had this before and sorted it? i cannot use the podium wheel base as it is.

Issue 2:

Brake pedal on V3 doesn't sit level after putting in a green and red performance spring, can this be adjusted? it did sit fine with the OEM springs.

Issue 3: When i connect my Porsche 911 GT3 wheel, which has the endurance button set, podium flappy paddles and a clubsport QR its not recognized in the Fanatec control panel, i just get there is no wheel attached to base

Computer Error:

I've written to Fanatec as i only got this gear yesterday, but just wanted to reach out in case im doing something stupid

Thanks In Advance



  • Stu NealStu Neal Member

    Issue 1: Sorted I’ve purchased some anodised bolts and replaced the rest too so one job done

    The other issues are really bugging me mind, why wouldn’t the new podium hub not register with the new DD1 wheel base ?


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