Wheres my item

So i have notification from UPS that the V3 inverted have been left outside my house? NO DELIVERY my partner has been home all day. Please help with this order 1092224


  • As unfortunate as your situation is, this is not the place to look for help in this regard.

    Please contact the webshop directly ([email protected]) or, maybe even better, directly call the shipping company because even the webshop couldnt do anything else other than asking the shipping company what happened to the package.

  • Well it does. Ive paid for an item ive not received. Its fanatec who need to sort this and actually deliver what ive paid for!

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    If you trust on that, you need to wait MUCH longer than just simply call the shipping company which is responsible for the shipment, only they can tell you what happened to your package, not even Fanatec can.

    Fanatec is exceptionally busy this time, an answer from the webshop takes up to a week. So, yeah, if you want a fast solution then better call the company directly, you will get you package much sooner for sure. And in parallel you can contact the webshop, but again, this forum is not the right place as neither the support nor the webshop team is reading here so your message would get lost.

  • I'm sorry but an answer from the webshop taking a week is a lie. I'm on day 12 of waiting on a response and still nothing.

  • Same here. I sent an inquiry on 5/22 and when I messaged one of their reps on here he stated it was in line with others. No word yet. But We will see how it rolls after 6/12

  • Well I can tell you how mine went. I STILL DONT HAVE the wheel despite the pedals arriving today. I was told that it would all ship on June 12 by the sales team via an email to my inquiry to them. This customer service has to be the worst I've ever encountered. Ordered May 8th. And I've got a pedal base to show for it despite my availability date changing twice in the meantime. It's ridiculous. @Dom

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