McLaren gt3 v2 clutch issue.

Hello myfirst time posting so go easy.

I have a CSL DD base and a McLaren GT3 v2 wheel, everything was working perfectly, I updated the driver to the bata 441 which updated the wheel to FW version 44, now when i have the MFS to 1 - clutch bite point, in the software it just shows the clutch as fuly depressed constantly, no matter what. If i switch to 3 or 4 brake/throttle or mappble analog, it works fine. in 2 clutch/handbrake, it also shows the clutch as fully depressed too.

Any solutions?? I downgraded the driver to 439 but not sure how to revert the firmware specifically for the wheel.


  • I have the same issue but the paddles don’t work at all. I have to use the clutch pedal but it only works when switched to mappable.

    the paddles were working fine until tonight and I haven’t done any updates

    did you resolve this.

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