CSP V3 Sim-3D Rumble Motors

The V3 rumble motors don't do much and it is certainly difficult to notice that they are doing anything in the heat of driving.

I've just fitted the Sim-3D rumble kit and together with SimHub, there is an amazing difference. Easy to feel when brakes start locking and wheels start spinning. I think they are 12v instead of the Fanatec 5v.

Pedals and rumble kit kit are now both connected via USB. The arduino oit has 4 connections, so includes clutch pedal motor. The 4th connection could probably be used for a wind fan.

I'm not sure if the wheel base connection can be used, as before, with the rumble effects turned off in Fanalab.

Highly recommended.

But perhaps I shouldn't really need to buy this kit and Fanatec need to up their kit to match.


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