csl load cell kit firmware

Hi guys , i just receive my new bundle and install it on the rig , all is working perfect.

but i realize as i connect the load cell kit directly to the base i never update the firmware. is there any problem?

dissamble the pedal from th rig is really a nightmare besides all work perfect and after saw people with a lot of problems i dont dare to do it, but i really dont know if is a problem

do you suggest to do it or is not going to be a problem

thanks for the advice


  • To update the firmware for the pedals you must connect directly to the USB on PC.

    Ensure only the USB cable is connected update and then plug back into the wheel base.

    Maybe future hardware will make this process easier for people connected directly to the base.

  • hi Frankie thanks for the answer.... yes i´m clear about how to update the problem is i never did , i installed directly through r12J cable , so my load cell never has been updated and i really don't know if this is going to be a problem , so far is working perfectly

    as mentioned previously is a nightmare disassemble the pedals from the rig and i cant reach the connectors without doing it

    in case must be do it i think will always connect via usb for further updates

    again thanks for the answer

  • I just ordered my csl load cell and I don’t want to run into the problem of gas and clutch not working. So I’m wondering if I do firmware update on load cell before connecting to rest of pedal set. I’m also on a ps4 and us windows on pc for Fanatec firmware updates. And once everything is connected up do I need to go into Fanatec app to update wheel base with pedals with load cell connected. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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