CSL DD losing ffb

Just wondering if anyone can help or has a similar issue, about 1-2 weeks ago my CSL DD has started losing ffb mid way through corners in ACC, it feels like there is a notch and the ffb just disappears. Sommetimes it come back with another notch or sometimes it can stay away for a minute or two, and it feels like its only the centering working. I have upgraded to driver 440 and firmware is up to date. Any ideas let me know, this is killing me.


  • Try driver 439 or 434 if you can still access the firmware and “update” it.

  • thank you for your reply i went in a simlar vein and updated to 442 which i found on the web. which allowed for a firmware update on the base. Either or, have seemed to fix the problem. so anyone googling in the future, dial back or push forward drivers and firmware.

  • Seems to have come back, just after 10 minutes of use after powering PC on. Tried rolling back drivers now aswell, so no clue! Will move to customer support if no one has any ideas.

  • I'm wondering what kind of rig you have everything attached to, and if it's metal, whether you've taken any measures to ground the rig or to isolate it from the wheelbase using e.g. rubber or nylon washers...?

    May be completely unrelated, but I've seen/ heard instances of EMI/ grounding issues causing all sorts of strange behavior.

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