CSL DD + GSI Formula Pro problem


Last week i got my GSI wheel. I attached it to my podium hub. When i attach it to the base it reconnects all the time. Even grounded the base to a heating pipe in the house. Helpt a little bit but after 15 min the screen or leds freeze and simhub doesnt recognize it anymore.

When i get the steering wheel of the base it works with no problem. Does anybody have a solution for this?


  • If grounding improves things, I'd go that way.

    You should use the electrical ground system, rather than a radiator. Grounding points must be exposed. The metal must be exposed. If the rig is painted tubular, the paint should be scraped off where you connect the wire. If the rig is aluminum profiles, connect the ground wire in the cut parts, because the anodizing is insulating. If you use the radiator, the same is true, you have to connect to exposed metal parts.

    Eddy currents take the easy way out. Larger is the metal-to-metal contact surface, and greater Is the chance that eddy currents will choose that path.

    Then there are other things to do to reduce EMI.

    - Ferrite clips on the cables.

    - PCIe card with additional usb ports.

    - USB hub powered.

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