DD1 automatically entering firmware download mode when powering on

Hello, as the title says, my DD1 sometimes enters into the firmware download mode (I’ll call it FDM from here) when I turn it on. The firmware download screen pops up on the computer and my DD1 is unusable unless I proceed with the flashing or unplug the power and plug it back in.

I thought this was some sort of automatic update feature, but I read on the forum that there is no such thing and the firmware it is trying to update to is always the same as the current version.

How do I stop it from doing this? I figured out if I carefully quickly press the power button on the back of the DD1, it will power on without entering FDM, but if I press it slightly too long (maybe a few ms more), it will enter into FDM. It is isn’t very consistent though and sometimes enters into FDM even with a short press of the power button.

Annoyingly, if I let it update the firmware, I will often have to rebind the wheel in AC and ACC because it has switched which DD1 is the primary one. (since there are two enumerated on the computer by design)

Anyone else notice this behavior? I didn’t find many posts about automatic updating in the forums.

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