Your company is absolutely horrendous.

I made an order with you (order number 1457327) back in march of more than 1100 British pounds. I ended up cancelling this order soon after because of personal circumstances in my own life.

Since march myself and UPS have been trying to return these items to you so I'm able to get a full refund and every single time UPS have contacted you or tried to email you to arrange a 'return to sender' plan you ignore UPS or don't answer emails or calls they have made for more than 3 months. They have tried since march. And you continue to refuse to allow these items to be shipped back to you.

I have personally emailed you and spoke to one of your colleagues several times and she has blatantly LIED about the situation claiming the problem is with UPS when the actual PROBLEM is on your end in Germany because you refuse to arrange a return shipment.

Now UPS have given me a week here in the UK to get these items back to fanatec or all items are going to be 'disposed of' I.E destroyed. All because your idiotic management team refuse to answers emails or calls. I'm now potentially out of pocket more than 1100 pounds because of your stupidity.

Absolutely horrendous.


  • That is a nightmare! Hope things work out for you.

  • Paul WitterPaul Witter Member
    edited June 2022

    I think they are a FedEx house (State side anyway). As if that should make any difference.

    Hope it works out bro.

  • UPS is most likely not sending it to the right location and not really trying.. Why don't you just accept the package then follow the correct procedures and ship it back to the correct two address given to you.

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