Calibration Problem Post Windows Update

I ran a windows 11 patch update late last week. Now the calibration on my Fanatec v2.5 wheelbase is off by approximately 30 degrees in both ACC and iRacing. I tried rebooting multiple times, recalibrating the wheel in the sim and the Fanatec Control Panel, and reinstalling the Fanatec Drivers. I’ve included a picture of the issue. Has anyone experienced this before?


  • What's your SEN on the Wheel and in the game?

  • Fanatec Control Panel SEN - 910 Degrees

    not seeing a SEN setting in iracing or ACC.

  • The Base only can do 900 so how did you managed to set it to 910?!

    And in both games there is a setting for steering Sensitivity which has to match the value you set on the Base, otherwise it wont match.

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    Ah that's where your issue is.

    Switch into the Advanced Tuning Menu and select Profile 1 and set SEN to AUTO or 900.

    Even better adjust everything on the wheel directly and not in the UI. Do not use 910 in the UI in Auto Setup, this is a UI issue which will be fixed in the next driver release!

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    i switched to Advanced Mode, selected Profile 1, and set SEN to “Auto”. Rebooted my machine.

    still having the same issue.

  • Then your in game Sensitivity is wrong.

    It has to be 900.

  • I’ve made no changes to Steering settings in either game. Seems strange that this issue would suddenly appear in iRacing and ACC simultaneously following a windows update.

    Also, I see no setting in either Sim titled “Sen” or “Sensitivity”. Would it be called something else?

    many thanks for the help.

  • The one setting where you see a ° number...

    For ACC its Steer Lock:

    And for iRacing its Wheel range and Map range:

    This both has to be set to 900° (or slightly less) when using a CSW v2.5 with SEN set to AUTO or 900.

    If its still not matching then you would need to remove the Windows updates or re-install Windows in the last attempt.

  • Many thanks!

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