CSL DD Drives itself ?

I've noticed in Forza 5 and Dirt 2 the same issue. It's like some auto drive function is enabled, but i've checked every setting ingame and in fanatec driver and it should be off.

When cornering, the wheel starts to push back, and when i lose control of the car, the wheel starts spinning in opposite directions as if it is trying to put the car back on the road. It's very hard to drive when you have to battle with the wheel itself.. it's like it has a mind of its own and i don't know what to do.. any suggestions ?

If my description isn't clear enough, i'll record a video of the wheel and what's happening ingame.


  • Ehm... That's how steering works. It's the same on a race car in real life. The wheel will naturally counter-spin...

  • Maurice is correct however certain sim titles dont simulate an actual power steering feel and instead make all cars feel as if theyre running without power steering, thats why you have to fight the wheel. Best suggestion is reducing your wheelbase strength and adding some natural damping , friction and inertia to smooth out the feel.


    I know what you mean. I have the same issue. It is not the normal behavior of the car. I have driven a lot with other Wheels and now i buyed the CSL DD and i have those weird steering assist.

    It dosn't alow the smallest slipangle. As soon you get a slipangle it starts by self to countersteer. And it tryes allways to keep you on the ideal racing line. It's not the normal behavior, in case you over do it and the car gets instabel whith the normal physical reaction of tires and steering. If you try to overtake a car on the outside, the wheel tryes to get you to the apex, even without camber or trail braking.

    I hope i explained it a bit better.

  • I haven't used my CSL DD with Forza Horizon 5, but I've spent dozens of hours using it with DR2.0, AC, ACC, AMS2, and others and have never noticed anything like what you're describing.

    It sounds like you must have some sort of in-game assist enabled like auto-steering or something.

  • It's not normal. What you describe is exactly the opposite of what should happen. Counter-steering means that the steering wheel pushes on the opposite side of the curve, therefore out of the apex. Only in very special conditions, the steering wheel could close the curve, but it is very rare.

    When steering wheel aids are active, the virtual and real steering wheel are not synchronized. It can be seen that the car ignores your steering angle and changes it. Impossible not to notice.

    It would rather appear that the FFB is reversed. Many games have an option to reverse the FFB. In this case, however, you would have serious difficulties driving along the straights.

    Or you may have turned up the option that amplifies the small effects too much.

    It should be more specific, indicating the settings in the game and the wheel you are using. Even a video would help.

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