Order Status

My order status shows "Completely Shipped" but I have yet to receive any tracking info, other than the invoice. Is this normal? (US btw)


  • Hank ProkopHank Prokop Member
    edited June 20

    When did the status change to “completely shipped”? They usually print the label in the morning then you get an email that evening or the next morning from Fanatec. The best way to track it is to sign up for FedEx. Then everything that is being shipped to your house you’ll see. I would get the email saying your item has shipped from Fanatec but by logging into my FedEx see it before the email.

  • That makes sense. I think it was this morning, but I got an email saying the status was "Warehouse Processing" then it was immediately "Completely Shipped." Guessing the label got printed but hasn't been picked up yet. Thanks!

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