Bad Power Supply + Poor Support

My DD2 Power Supply went bad last week (no green light, no fan) and I immediately sent in a support ticket. Well, 4 days later I have yet to receive a response to my ticket. I have tried to call the support desk, they apparently are not working and do not answer voicemails as the mailbox is full. Called the tech support help line and no one to help other than leave a voicemail.

Very poor service considering the amount of money spent on the equipment.


  • 8 days still waiting a response from customer support!!!!

  • It's been 2 weeks for me. We have a brand new, defective wheelbase and trying to get someone to even provide an RMA has been impossible. Frist time buyer and I'm already thinking that this will be the last time I support this company.

  • Make sure you send them a video of the problem or what will happen is they will ask for a video and you have to wait another 2-3 weeks.

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