ACC, X Box, CSL DD + boost still weak


ACC, X Box, CSL DD + boost

I have left my system off for a few months now in the hope of an update to fix the weak FF.

I turned the system on today and there was an update for something, so let that install, but after going into ACC, the wheel was as weak as ever.

Am I missing something or is this wheel and game combo still not running as it should?

Had it since November 2021 and only even had one run on ACC where the wheel strength was good after an update in about Feb 2022, then one week later a new update made it weak again!



  • AFAIK, nothing has changed since the latest update that made it weak again, unfortunately.

  • OK, so still no proper support from the game or Fanatec after about 8 months or so from being on sale?

    As I understand it, it's the game that is at fault?

  • In this case, it appears to be the developer's fault. The next-gen console patch came out, as you mentioned, and FFB was working properly, by all accounts. Then soon after, the developers issued another patch which made the FFB weak again. AFAIK, that's where things currently stand. I don't believe there's anything Fanatec can do about it... it's up to the developers to fix their game.

  • Are your wheel settings the same?

    I know you're on xbox and it's harder to see all the wheelbase settings on the little OLED screen. But check, cause after not using my GT DD for a few weeks it reverted to Setup 1 whereas I always kept in on Setup 2, or something similar.

    Also there was an update to firmware on June 3rd. So plug the base into a pc/laptop and download the latest driver ver. 439 or 440 for the BMW M3 Wheel (Beta).

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