Led Xbox série X

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hello ,

is there an update planned for led on Xbox steering wheel?

steering Wheel 2.5X



  • There are no news, when Microsoft opens their OS to allow this, no.

  • Maurice, can we please stop making it seem like it's all Microsoft's fault that LEDs don't work on Xbox? Because as this video clearly shows, Thrustmaster have found a way to do just that.

    Maybe Fanatec need the Xbox OS to be "opened up" to be able to implement LEDs *in the way which Fanatec would prefer*...but that hardly means that it's impossible or that LEDs are not "allowed". Fanatec, for whatever reason, are obviously choosing not to employ whatever method Thrustmaster have used, and feel that having a bunch of disgruntled Xbox gamers on their hands is an acceptable result of that.

  • I'm going to have to be patient …

    Thank you for the answer

  • Forget about this, an ongoing discussion I'm having with them for years now without any valid answer besides pointing the finger to Microsoft. Logitech as well as Thrustmaster have found a way to work around this. If you want everything to work, switch to PC. That's what I did. Very unfortunate this.

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