Clubsport Formula Esports V2 not recognised by CSL DD

Hello, yesterday my Clubsport Formula Esports V2 arrived and I’m having trouble connecting it to the CSL DD (8nm) base. In Fanatec Control Panel the wheel is recognized as CSL Elite P1 and the Formula wheel does not start (no lights, buttons not working) and it’s vibrating continuously. If I remove the wheel while the base is ON it everything will disappear from Fanatec Control Panel and the base will start pulsating the red light from the power button. Also in Device Manager the wheel appears as a virtual mouse, I don't know if that is normal.

I have tried the following:

-uninstalling/installing the latest driver from your site (439)

-manually updating the firmware of the CSL DD

-untighten the shaft clamp from the base, pressed the clamp all the way to the end and tighten the clamp again while holding the shaft into position

-all the pins are ok

Thank you !


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