Be aware of Fanatec, something is wrong internally in this company.

At this point i write this very bad opinion about Fanatec after deal with a lot of RMA/contact support and a problem that is not solved since i bought the product almost 2 years ago. Driving always in ACC.

-csw 2.5.

-formula v2 wheel.

v3 pedals.

(around 1500€ cost)

I have problems with the FFB (weak and lossless sensation, like no grip or the car not turning like it should be, sometimes hard to turn with no reason, for example i turn the wheel 20 degress and car turning 1 degree, the FFB changes under the same conditions) since i bought it, i have to leave the race or drive with problems.

For more than a year i though was the game with different FFB sensations untill the FFB almost die after 1 year and a half , FFB almost completely gone, and then I realized that the problem was not the game or mine, almost my warranty is gone, 1 month left.

I did a lot of test, unistall software, look for info in internet etc etc (tested with 2 PC because during this time I changed my computer for a new one)

Im dealing with the support since 2-3 months ago at this point, i sent the product, they changed the PSU, (first one making a noise like coil whine since i bought the product) and i received the product with a new PSU with the same coil whine sound, same problem with FFB, they have changed me the PSU again and the last one is not worse as before, i cant hear the electric noise being in my cockpit, is better but the problem is there.

But ¿what happens now?, i dont have the same weak FFB problem the 99% of the time as before, but from 5 races i have problems with the FFB in 2-3 races, today i drove one being in 2nd position and i had a weak FFB and problems to turn and at this point my patience is totally gone, totally.

I have to say that Fanatec has responded to my supports and the human treatment has been good i dont have problems in terms of workers and i can understand that deal with a person like me after having spent all that money and having to deal with my bad comments must not be pleasant, my patience is gone, before i was trying not to be rude etc but my patience is gone.

Also comment, i had problems with my V3 pedals too, with a stutter braking signal, they change me the load cell to discover after was the latest firmware causing the problem, but the problem does not end here, the brake signal jumps from 90% to 100% always inside ACC (not in fanatec software) and I did not continue complaining about this with the support (in fact I did not report this jump signal) because at least I could brake without problems.

Another problem with the pedals is i configure the max-min distance and in ACC i reach 100% braking signal before going all the way with the pedal physicallym this sucks.

At this point i have sent right now another email to the support, previously, they answered me saying that I could send the product but if they did not see any problems, I would have to pay the shipping costs, and im not agree in any away to pay for anything, I've told them for the 20th time that i have problems since i bought the product.

I bet they will test the product with an internal software not with the simulator im reporting problems, a simulator aparently sponsored by Fanatec or something like that.

My base is end of life, they dont sell it anymore so i dont know if they are dodging this problem without actually solving it for this reason, and if they really took care of this, they should change the product or give me my money back if they cant replace it.

this is my last time that I contact fanatec, I have already warned them (not as a threat) that if they do not give me a favorable solution for me, I am going to deal with this issue through the consumer organization in which I am registered and a lawyer will take charge of the mediation and they will not have the possibility of solving any more this problem through me, my patience is gone.



  • Any news?

  • Clubsport Wheel V 2.5

    Clubsport V3 pedals

    CSL steering wheel P1

    Total spent since 12/06/2013 - $1,862.74 US

    The customer service here is absolutely an insult to our intelligence. Repair of any product is questionable at best and in truth, their products are just "OK", if you look at the whole picture.

    Some of the products work very nicely ... until. Then you have to deal with customer service and heaven forbid you have to ship it to them (at your expense) and wait a month or more to get it back only to have the problem still be there. Right now I have a $200 paperweight on my desk that used to be a shifter that really didn't work, to begin with, and sent it in and it still didn't work and became my very expensive paperweight just to remind me of just who and what I am dealing with.

    Right now I have decided that Huesinkveld is the answer to my V3 stuttering problem. I have contacted customer service numerous times about the stuttering problem which did not show up until I "upgraded?" the pedals. Now for the most part they will not stop stuttering and Fanatec has gone so far as to tell me to "prove it" when describing my issue.

    Well my proof will be a receipt from Huesinkveld sent to the last service rep I dealt with just to show my pleasure with Fanatec and needles to say I will never, ever spend another dime with these clowns again and will do my best to warn people of Fanatec.

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