DD2 oled screen problem

hello. I have a DD2 and my oled screen of the dd2 no longer works. The dd2 database works normally except for the screen which remains off. I sent an email to fanatec technical support but no reactivity, not serious. Only one email for almost 15 days to tell me to send them a video of the screen .... I sent a photo of it but no more reaction, while my dd2 is still under warranty. Could you tell me how to speed up the takeover, and 2nd this problem of the oled screen which no longer lights up, know this problem apart from changing the screen can be solved. Thank you for your help. Philippe


  • If the initial reply took 14 days, subsequently it may take another 14 days to reply. That represents their current reply time. But someone has to look at the video and check with their technical department too, so may be slightly longer. The 1st reply to send in a video is quite a straight forward reply to issues like this.

    Sorry but hang in there.

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