DD CLS 8nm strange force feedback behavior

The strange behavior with force feedback occurs rarely and with no apparent pattern. For example, when I steering left or right on a curve and ride the curb, for example, all the feedback works great but then the wheel stay fixed on that force of the curve and stay constantly pull in that direction. Looks like the wheel thinks that I'm always on that curve. No inputs lock and I can steel feel all the other feedback forces in the rest of the time but have to make a opposite force to just go strait. If I let it go, the wheel go full to left or right. The force it self is not always the same. Same times happens on a very low force curve and stay locked anyway. Its not a specific force related. I'm only playing iRacing at the moment so I can't say with certain that is as one game exclusive issue. If I turn off and on the wheel everything goes back to normal. Something I cannot do in the middle of a race, especially on iRacing.

Any thoughts?

Wheel base: DD CLS 8nm

Wheel: Mclaren V2

Pedals: Clubsport V3


  • You can download Raceroom. It is a free2play game, you will have few cars and few tracks, but they will still be enough to understand if the problem is with the game or with your wheelbase.

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