Future Podium wheel base packages for PS5

Will there be any plan for Fanatec to offer a stand alone Podium wheel base compatible with the PS5; in the not so distant future? I have plenty of Rims and I'm currently using the GT DD Pro (8nm), which is great, but would like a little more out of if as far as FFB... I'm only just entering the sim world and now Im obviously hooked and will most likely will be a long time dedicated Fanatec user. Even if the FFB could be bumped up on the GT DD Pro to 10nm. Not sure if that is capable through sofware updates? I run mine maxed out (in base and game settings) and the base barley gets warm to the touch... Cant imagine there isn't a little more power to spare, even at 180W! Wishful thinking I'm sure!


  • Doubt it. That package has been around for years.

    On the plus side, if you dont like the rim that comes with it, just sell it. It can go for quite a bit of cash on ebay as the only way you can get the blue formula rim is in that podium package

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