Where to find Replacement Steering Wheel Center Cap/Cover


I use podium hubs with steering wheel rims of my choice. I have purchased a sparco and sabelt steering wheel (both are black). The center of each is cut out, like the fanatec drift and classic rims. I am looking for alternative center caps (not the silver “F” logo’d center caps provided with fanatec rims). Any ideas where I can find any?



  • Try an Automotive shop. Take into consideration the thickness of the centre portion of your rim. You may need to botch it.

  • eBay.....or if you go for a horn they are plastic you can cut it flush with ease they are very cheap

  • Hi. Thanks. I have found that companies like NRG and PrismaLabs make them. I have learned the official name is “Horn Delete”, sometimes identified as a cover or a plate.

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