2nd time RMA nothing is fixed and now i can not even use the product.

I buy GT DD pro in march when i get it in my hands i connect everything and play after one day i notice some weird vibrations under the fingers when you put your hands on top of the wheel rim i conntact support team and they tell me that issues is not normal and ask me to send bundle to them i send it and wait almost a month.When bundle come from rma i connect everything to see that issues is still here like before they say they change main PCBA and qr but my issues still here like nothing is change i say ok i will wait when they will be less crowded with rma and send it back again maybe then they will take more care about my problem.After 2 weeks i got email from them to send it back 2nd time and i say to them to not send me unrepaired product again they say if they can not repair product they will send me new one i send product 2nd time to them and after few days i see on my account from Fanatec new order i think to my self they send me new one but no they repair base again and again replace main PCBA.After a week i get product from them and now vibrations are worse then ever i can not play because with vibrations now is big lag and delay and kicks and knocks from the wheelbase allways here and it is unplayable you can feel when you turn wheel that something in motor is not working properly now i can just watch in product i don t know what to do or say anymore 3 months after buying and i can not play are this company have some people there who really want to solve customer problems because i feel like a fool now if nobody contact me this week to solve this fast i will be force to take actions that i do not want but they will not let me other options sorry for my english Domagoj.


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    Is this an EMI issue? Someone else may be able to chime in. Do you have a ground wire in your power socket? Connect some grounding wire from your rig/external portion of your base to your radiator in your room if you can just to try out.

  • Thanks man for reply i doubt is an EMI i try before and vibrations is still here but when just vibrations was the issues i can drive normal but now i have big lag and delay and weird behavior of motor base starts kicks and knocks from itself and then lag is all the time here is unusable i will try once again with grounding but i doubt because i think is defect base and irreparable but question is why they send me unrepaired and defect base two times are they test product after repair if not how they can know is issues fixed or not i hope that somebody from Fanatec will solve my problem soon because i m losing my patience 3 months man and problem is not solve the worse thing is that now i have problem worse then vibrations and i can just watch in product because that problem thanks for trying to help greetings Domagoj.

  • Maybe you already know, but the grounding must be done well, otherwise it is useless. Paints and anodizing are insulating, and should be removed from the point you choose to connect the ground wire.

    However, I am not a native speaker of English and I did not understand if the second time Fanatec replaced the wheelbase or just repaired it.

    Before sending again make a mark in a hidden spot on the frame.

  • Sorry for my bad english they repair base first and second time first time they say they replace main PCBA and QR and second time RMA they again replace main PCBA but not QR i dont know why but now is worse then ever because before i can play but now i can not and vibrations are still here what to say.

  • If you can, make a video of yourself using the wheel while it's acting strangely like you describe. If you decide to contact Fanatec again for another RMA, make sure to show them this video.

    Not that it helps you any, but I went through two RMAs myself before I got a trouble-free base, so I feel your pain and frustration. I hope you're able to get this resolved soon.

  • They tell that they detect and repair issues that i describe and now i have old problem and New problem because that New issues i can not play and now i m stuck with product that i just can watch in corner of my room anyway thanks for trying to help me greetings Domagoj.

  • Every advice is welcome thanks.

  • Fanatec contact me for RMA 3 time and they say they will try repair again but i tell them in mail before that i do not want any repair any more because after 2 times nothing is repair is worse then before guys will you in my place believe that 3 time will be everything good and Gregg how they send to you new product when you do RMA what you wrote to them because some people get new products and in my case they persistently want to repair although they didnt REPAIR it first 2 times today i send to them that i want or money or new product after all i think at least that they can do for me.

  • According to German customer protection law you can get a refund or an exchange after the second failed repair but I don't know if this is applicable to other countries.

    After fanatec received my base last Monday I just got an email from ups that a package will arrive tomorrow but I don't know if they replaced or repaired it.

    Will keep you updated...

  • I'm afraid there's nothing really that you can say or do regarding whether they repair or replace your unit. You can demand (or strongly suggest) that they give you a replacement, which it sounds like at this point they definitely should, but ultimately it's up to Fanatec's discretion.

  • Thanks for reply guys Serkan if on your Fanatec account on section order is write is it repaired or new but i think that is repaired and Gregg i disagree with you that i can not do something in my situation that would meant they can allways send me defect product and what i must accept that and allways send and wait to get same or worse defect no man i m from EU and i know my customer rights i have worst situation than this with DELL in the end i get my money back if they cant repair it they must give me new product or money back i give 2 chances for repair and now i want new or money i will persevere on that anyway thank you guys.

  • Strange...can't find any note in my account. Only order I can see is the initial one for GT DD Pro from beginning of June.

    I would insist and refer to the law but as far as I understood you already did.

  • Sorry, I wasn't clear. I didn't mean to imply that you have NO other options available to you to rectify this situation besides accepting whatever Fanatec tell you.

    I only meant to say that, strictly referring to the warranty agreement, it states that it is Fanatec's choice when receiving an RMA, to either repair or replace the unit. The customer can request whatever they want, but Fanatec are under no obligation to comply.

    If, after multiple attempts to do so, the situation has not been resolved satisfactorily, then there are of course other options you may be able to pursue, depending on the laws in place where you live.

  • Ok found the invoice in my account. As far as I understand they replaced the main pcba (took them about 30 mins). Oh man...I hope I don't have to RMA again

  • I hope too that they solve your issues but in my case both Times they replace Main pcba but nothing is repaired after second time is unusable i get worse problem then i have before because that i want New or money this time i do not belive that anything would be change if give 3 time on repair but maybe you are lucky and everything gonna be ok update how it is when you test the base greetings Domagoj.

  • Got the base back and checked everything. Motor firmware was and after 30 mins of driving I can feel very faint vibrations on the rim but only when in standby. Its not interfering while driving so a huge improvement then before and if it stays that way I can live with it.

    Another thing I noticed. The soft stop before was indeed very soft now it is way harder and kicks back immediately.

    Will continue to test and see how it will be after 2 hours

  • I m glad to hear that if you can live with it do not send it back because it is too much pain in the ass i think to buy one more wheel tgt 2 that i can play because i do not know how long will past till i can play with Fanatec before i was think to buy bmw clubsport wheel rim but now because i cant play i will buy one more racing wheel i hope that your base will be ok and you will not have problems any more i will update about my situation greeting Domagoj.

  • Thnaks

    Thanks man...wheel is still the same until now. Vibrations are there but can't feel it while driving.

    I hope Fanatec will sort this out asap for you. RMA is always pain but right now tech support seems to be very fast these days.

    Next thing I will try is to use some type of rubber centering rings on the shaft. someone in a german forum wrote that he got rid of the metallic rattling noise with the qr1...maybe this can damp the vibrations too?

  • Support team is ok but i do not know what is going on with repair team i m glad that everything Works fine for you greetings Domagoj.

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