An actual good order story

On Monday this week i decided to purchase the csl elite +, pedals, and the porsche rim with overnight delivery. The order was quickly in "processed" state but i received no tracking number, so i opened a request from the site with sales about my order and got the form response saying that it could be up to 7 days before a response so i started to panic. Reading the forums, there are order horror stories everywhere, and google started populating my news thread with posts from this forum about orders gone wrong. Woke up Tuesday to a fedex tracking #, went to bed Wednesday with 7 hours on the wheel. Couldn't be happier with the product or the order process. The order on Monday was likely after close of business, so I am totally ok with it taking just under 40 hours from order to delivery even though i paid for overnight.

Thanks Fanatec!


  • While this is good news for you, the inherent issue that people are facing is that new orders are being processed and shipped while pre-orders aren't being fulfilled. This is essentially just confirming that this issue is ongoing.

    Fanatec has been selling off their entire inventory without honoring pre-orders. Those of us with pre-orders are stuck in an endless loop of products going out of stock before the entire order can ship. Fanatec's policy of holding the order until everything is available has only compounded this issue of inventory handling.

    My order was placed on April 13th and in-stock on April 21st. Was supposed to be in my hands by May 7th, haven't received anything and now my order is being pushed further and further while new orders are being received within 40 hours such as yours. While it's nice to see a good story, you can imagine how this only further aggravates those of us on the short end of the stick.

  • Yeah, this just frustrates me even more.

  • Boy your comments are correct. I placed an order on May 4th for two complete CSL Elite + set ups (load cell pedals, shifters, and F1 V2 wheel), At the time of the order the only item that was not available was a pre-order for the Race wheel that was to be available on May 15th. My order is now to be delivered on July 10th, two months late, waiting for the load cell pedals. The pre-order Race wheel that was to be available on May 15 is now scheduled to be available on June 12th. This has been very frustrating as they have not be forthright with how they do business. Their business model appears to be to reschedule all items in an order to be available when the date of the longest poll LAST item in the order is to be available. Since my pedals have a July 10th date all other items have been rescheduled to support that date. Note that at the time I placed the order the pedals were listed as available. Additionally because of this business model they do not want to deliver items individually as they become available. I recommend that folks order each item individually so that they cannot rescheduled waiting for the other items. Of course I want the equipment and can only sit here waiting in frustration.

    David Murillo

  • I was reading stuff in here since the quarentine starts. I saw so many bad stories but regardless I decided to give a leap of faith on Fanatec and to go forward and now I have the same problem on my side. I placed my order on May 17th and since the bundle (DD1 + F1 Wheel + Pedals V3) I got was listed for availability on June 5th I've been waiting paciently to receive updates from Fanatec 'til this day. So today is 5th and I just want to know what's the ETA on my order. At this point I'm just frustrating as you guys are and I fell very sorry for you guys that've been waiting and waiting for some answer on the past weeks. If I don't get any positive feedback from Fanatec on the next couple days I'll cancel my order and ask for refund. Simple as that. I can't work with a company that don't honor or respect their own customers. I completely understand if they ran out of inventory because of what's happening in the world now a days but do promisse a timeframe you can't fullfill or even worst, keep moving dates forever It's just unacceptable.

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