Kill Switch Necessary?

Have a DD1 on the way, the Podium F1, and see the kill switch, is that something that's necessary or a luxury? I understand it's used when something major happens and you need to let go (with high torque enabled) so it doesn't just bang around, is that right? Is it that big a deal?

Advice? Get or not?



  • I made my own remote switch.

  • Personally never had a situation where I really needed it.

  • It's a luxury. I've had mine for years and have never needed to use it due to an "emergency". It does however provide an alternate power switch that is more convenient than the one on the back of the wheelbase and I use that all the time.

  • Great guys, thanks - this was EXACTLY what I needed to know.

    Seems like I'll just make my own if I decide I want one.


  • I've had to use mine twice, but I have DD2 at nearly 100%. That Formula wheel slap hurts, couldn't stop it or grab it.

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