New Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm) Defective

I was excited to spend over $1,000 in new Fanatec equipment until I received it. The wheelbase smelled of burning electronics approximately 1 hour into my first time using it and then automatically turns off. Next, the Fanatec interface insisted that I run a firmware update after I reset it. All appears to go well and now I have a constant blinking blue light, the wheelbase is not recognized or functional and the firmware update constantly appears on my screen (which does nothing). I put in an RMA request, support ticket and multiple emails looking for help and I get no responses. It's now been 2 weeks and I'm stuck with a $600 piece of junk. Has anyone else had any similar issue and/or resolutions?


  • Yes, this happened to me and I was pissed! Same exact issue. They actually did a pretty good job as I had a replacement in hand exactly 2 weeks after submitting the ticket. Granted, I think I'm close to their service center in the states, but here's the timeline:

    June 9 - submitted support ticket

    June 13 - RMA number received (2 business days later)

    June 14 - Received prepaid FedEx label

    June 22 - Replacement shipped to me

    June 23 - Replacement received

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