CSL loadcell brake set at 80%

Is it possible to set a max to the breaking? I want to break for max 80% instead of max 100% but if you cannot set this 80% as a max it is difficult to apply every corner


  • Do you mean brake force? Adjust it through the wheel settings.

  • Yes a max 0f 80% brakeforce. I have TM TS-PC wheel so I cannot set any brake settings there

  • To understand. Do you want maximum braking to be at 80% of pedal pressure? The LC Fanatec is 60 kg, do you want to bring it to 48 kg?

    You have to install the Fanatec 339 driver, go to the pedals menu, and set it to 80%.

    Instead, you want the car to brake at maximum 80% of its capacity. You have to adjust it from the game, and not all games and cars allow it.

  • Ok thx will test it

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