GT DD Pro: has FFB in GT7 improved after game updates?

I tried the GT DD Pro months ago and was disappointed about the FFB feeling in GT7, as many others have pointed out. I would like to know if it has improved through the last months with the game updates. For instance, you couldn't feel the kerbs, and the handling of the car felt like "elastic", purely a magnetic force field, not like a car at all.

Would the F1 Podium bundle give a more realistic feeling? I don't know if more power means more FFB detail, or it's just pure strength on the wheel. 5Nm was really more than enough strength for me, but very poor detail.


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    No, it has not improved with the latest two updates.

    Only with 1.15 it was "fixed", just with too less strength in the center but you finally were able to feel every bump and curb in corners. With 1.16 they reverted the FFB to how it was since launch where you dont feel anything other than a heavy constant spring force in corners.

    And no, more power wont help here.

    Only PD can "fix" this FFB with another game update hopefully sometime in the future.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Good and bad news... well at least it gives hope that if they could fix it maybe they can in the future...

    So more power is just more resistance? With the GT DD Pro 5nm at max strength setting it was almost impossible to turn... why would anyone need 20nm or more?

  • Try a game with proper FFB and you'll understand. GT7 has poor and incredibly compressed FFB.

    In GT7, I'd be fine with 2-3 Nm. In RaceRoom, 8 Nm with a small wheel is on the lower limit for me. I absolutely see why people might want 15 Nm or more.

    If you're only playing Gran Turismo, you don't know what you're missing, and you're not getting real value out of your Fanatec gear.

  • True, I'm onlly playing GT7, it makes so much sense what you say.

    I'm saving to build a PC racing cockpit. So the best option would be getting the Podium F1? it's super expensive though.

  • Depends on the game you're choosing, the resolution (all monitors combined), how pretty graphics you fancy, the range of PC's suitable starts at PS5 money (600 euro) to 4-5 times that.

    I'm on a single 4k 32" playing RaceRoom with 2xSSAA and reflections off - constant 57 FPS locked and smooth as butter with Freesync on my monitor and Vsync in-game. My computer is absolutely in the low range and I feel no need to upgrade until I start using a more demanding graphics engine (then I'll just change the graphics card). 120 Hz and beyond isn't needed if you set VRR, Vsync and framerate limiter correctly - it's perfectly smooth and there's no input lag worth mentioning. If you don't know what I'm talking about or care to learn, about input lag and a flat frame timing curve, you need lots of Hz/FPS to get a somewhat smooth experience.

    For wheelbases, I'd go for more than 8 Nm if you want to use wheels bigger and heavier than the smallest ones. Otherwise, 8 Nm might be enough. If your desk/rig isn't rigid enough, more than 8 Nm won't be usable anyway. And it's not about maximum strength really, but the ability to feel everything across the entire dynamic range gradually and un-compressed. I'm on 8 Nm and its just about perfect with a small and light wheel, clipping only occasionally and when it does it doesn't affect my control. My next wheel will certainly be 15-20 Nm, mostly for the headroom.

  • Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot for your very informative message.

  • Any changes? GT7 still not fixing the lack of FFB detail for the DD Pro?

  • Sighs... my problem is that i want to buy a cockpit + wheel + PC, but nut enough money for all at once, so it will be cockpit + wheel + GT7 for a while.

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