A story of life, simracing and generosity (and bad english)

Hello everyone,

I would like to talk about something that I witnessed this past week on a french simracing forum, something that made proud men cry.

Almost everyone on this forum knows Stéphane, a really good guy: sympathetic, fun and devoted 45 years old father. He had his share of bad moments in life, probably more than his share to be honnest. Several monthes ago, he had to sell his simracing rig and lately he was diagnosed with cancer. He went home from hospital yesterday and we all wish him the best but one of the most important thing to recover from cancer is to cheer up, keep a good state of mind, and what a better thing for a racing fan, a simracer than to get back to your simulator?

Unfortunately, Stéphane had to sell his simrig for financial reasons, and he can't afford a new one so it seemed that the story was not really going to be happy but guess what? "Impossible n'est pas français" (impossible is not french), so if he can't afford a new rig, we will afford it for him, so a kind of crowdfunding came up and within a week, someone gave a pc (the french youtuber franconen), the french youtuber depielo offered his old fanatec formula wheel, the company Monsimu offered a brand new cockpit, someone offered (thrustmaster) pedals and we got 1600€ (still evolving) to get the samsung 49 inches of his dream and a wheelbase.

Stéphane would not dare to dream of a clubsport wheelbase 2.5, but we can buy it for him now but... the wheelbase is out of stock so, I am asking :

Fanatec, Thomas, can you do something to help us? Will you let french amateurs brag all over the internet that they are more generous than you? Don't you want to be proud in the end of the day, and prove that what french can do, german can do better?

If you can read french, here is the whole story


  • Wow. That was so heart-warming a gesture and generousity of love and giving by whoever organised and contributed. I went to the links and used a french-english translator to read some including the surprise response from Stephane aka S-AMG when he found out what y'all were doing for him. I wiped a tear. I hope Fanatec can help. All the best to you and Stephane.

  • Hello David, thanks for your reaction.

    I can tell you, you were not the first to wipe a tear. I wish I could contact directly Thomas Jackermeier: this man seems to have a heart, maybe he can do something to help.

    Today's news were not really good: last blood analysis are bad, maybe the transplant did not take. So every good vibration is needed. If you can contact someone who can help, please do it.

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