Dampener on V3 Gas Pedal

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I have just installed the dampener kit on the gas pedal of my V3 set.

Everything appears to be fine until you crank the resistance on the dampener to 2 or more, at this point there is a really weird sound which almost sounds like the spring is crunching.

The pedals are brand new and I’ve not even used them yet, the only thing I can think of is the standard red spring isn’t strong enough to coupe with the dampener fitted.

Anyone else have this issue? If so how did you resolve it?

Thanks in advance


PS: I have a short video but cannot upload it here


  • I found on mine that using the lower holes in the pedal upright to mount the front of the damper caused this kind of issue with the damper.

    I mounted the damper front to the lower pedal face bracket mount hole and problem went away and damper works fine with no weird noise.

  • Hey Jon

    Thanks for the reply, is the noise to do with the spring or the dampener?

    I see you have got the stiffer black spring on yours. Was yours making the noise with the black spring too ?


  • Yes, made the noise with the stiffer black spring.

    It's the damper. I think it had something to do with the angle the damper was at with the original mounting position.

    I also found at least for me anything above 2 on the damper setting was too much damping for the gas pedal, didn't feel right to me.

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