quick disconnections happen regularly - F1 22

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I use csl lck pedals with t300 rs base.

pc driver is 442 and firmware is 1.8.

I know of the pedal&usb connection issue in newly released F1 22 game but i can't connect my pedals to base, obviously.

So the game runs low on FPS and gets lower and lower by each and every second spent in game.

I have no problems right now running F1 2021. The problem is with F1 22.

I did the vjoy & hidhide & gremlin joystick workaround and FPS problem is fixed.

But what happens is, the pedals get offline for a few seconds every 7-10 minutes. And then it comes back online.

I wrote to the creators of those programs and they say "the issue is not related to them since the programs only forward inputs from pedals to virtual pedal. if the connection to pedals is lost, then they can do nothing about it", so they say.

edit: oh by the way, i have no power savings on on my pc, it runs on "full performance" and i found the correct usb input device in device manager and made sure that the power saving box is unchecked.


  • well, if anybody is suffering from this, I overcome this problem by assigning eacy and every input from the pedals to virtual vjoy pedal.

    when I had issues, I had only brake and throttle assigned to two virtual vjoy x and y axises.

  • Are you using a USB extension cable? A friend of me had similar issues with his CSL DD and it was caused by a cheap cable. He bought a better one and the problem never happened again.

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