CSW v 2.5 Issues trying to update firmware

LupusLupus Member

So, I've gotten the latest drivers and fanalab. I cannot for the life of me seem to update my firmware. Anytime I try to launch it, whether it is through the manual update or the automatic update, the software just locks up. It doesn't matter how long I give it. 1 mintue to 3 hours, it does nothing. Any ideas that could help?


  • Make sure no other USB devices are connected to your PC, make sure the base is connected directly to your PC (not through a hub), use the original Fanatec USB cable if possible, disable any antivirus/malware/etc. or other background apps, make sure your computer is not set to put USB devices to sleep after a certain amount of time...

    That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. Hopefully you'll find something that works.

  • Tony HutchinsTony Hutchins Member
    edited July 2022

    With the latest driver installed and the wheel turned off and pc running, hold power button on wheel base down for 10 secs and it should force the update. That's what I did, wheel base updated fine, but the manager wont update the wheel driver even though it see's one available, and just closes!

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