What is taking so long for the QR2?

The last thread about this was in April and the answer was "soon" and it's bloody July now and still no word. I'm past asking when, I just want to know why it's taking so long.

Is it a manufacturing issue? Is it a supply issue? It can't be because the product isn't ready for production because it was shown fully working at a sim racing expo last year.

Or is it a sales tactic? Wait until you've hit a certain number of sales on the CSL DD and then all of them become potential customers for a QR2.

Transparency goes a long way guys and I think we (the consumers and potential customers of the QR2) deserve to know what the hold up is and why it's taking so long. Keeping us in the dark just seems really shady to be honest.


  • I've given up hope of ever seeing the QR2, to be honest. At this point, I don't even really care any more. If the current metal QR1 costs $100, I fully expect the QR2 to be priced well above that, possibly as much as double.

    For that money, and by the time the QR2 ever does see the light of day, I think I'd rather just sell off my used Fanatec gear and buy new kit from another manufacturer.

  • I doubt very much customers of the CSL DD are the target audience for the QR2. The CSL line is aimed firmly at those price conscious consumers who want a DD wheel as cheaply as possible. The QR2 upgrade is likely to cost as much as the CSL DD!

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    My personal assumption:

    The problem is not the QR2 itself. The problem is that a base side QR2 installation at DD1 and DD2 would be too complex for most common users.

    For example see (first three minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LhPUWLRkYE

    If Fanatac would bring QR2 for DD1 and DD2, there would be a lot of claims, because useres destroyed their bases (cables broken, connectors fell into the base shaft and they are not able to get it out again...).

    So my expectation:

    QR2 will never be released for current DD1 and DD2. It will be introduced with the successors of DD1 and DD2. They will get a base side QR2 with an USB-C connector as CSL-DD has. So then there just would be produced one type QR2 connector base side. Otherwise there would be at least two (DD1/DD2 and CSL-DD), what would make everything more exepensive and would cause more effort for logistic, support and the main reason from above.

    So developing and producing of the follower bases delay the release of QR2.

    What was shown on last years sim racing expo, were just prototypes.

    I might be completely wrong, but from my perspective this can be a realistic scenario. DD1 + 2 are on stage since four years, so it is time for some new stuff. And as far as I know, it was never explicitely mentioned, it will be available for the current Podium bases.

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    "The problem is that a base side QR2 installation at DD1 and DD2 would be too complex for most common users."

    "So my expectation: QR2 will never be released for current DD1 and DD2. It will be introduced with the successors of DD1 and DD2."

    Thats definitely not the issue and not the case!

    The QR2 will be released to the current DD family (CSL DD, GT DD PRO, Podium DD1, Podium DD2) - that was always mentioned so there is zero reason to believe something different.

  • I am glad, that I was wrong. ;-) Thank you.

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    They even explain in the manual on page 14 & 15 of the Podium DD1 & DD2 how to replace the wheelbase QR. If they do not want that users do something with the QR they would have included a warning in the manual to not touch it, only maybe tighten the screws on the clamp. But there are 2 full pages that explains in detail how to remove the QR and how to put it back together.

    But like Gregg I also already given up hope the QR2 will ever come. My current QR1 is still holding, but has already been repaired once. It also doesn't sound good when you get a big hit. So really wanted to upgrade to prevent any further issues. Plus my base is already out of warranty, not really want to invest anymore in QR1 stuff. But the longer it takes the easier it will be to switch brands which isn't so closed like the Fanatec eco system. Already started by selling and replacing Fanatec stuff for other brands.

  • Look at Maurice's reply. It was already announced that the QR2 would come to the CSL DD and GT DD Pro owners which is what makes me think it's just a shady BS sales tactic by upper managment. There's absolutely no reason why the product can't be launched now - it's ready and has been for a while. We've seen several times where Fanatec have shown it in action and fully functional.

    I strongly believe they're just waiting a certain amount of time for the sales numbers of the CSL DD and GT DD Pro to hit a certain target before they drop the QR2 to try and maximise their profits.

    As soon as they release the QR2 my guess is that it's going to come as the defacto standard with any new wheelbases after launch and people are going to be expecting that too. I also guess that the QR2's base price is higher than that of the QR1 which might mean a slight price increase for the CSL DD and GT DD Pro which makes them less appealing for consumers (since y'know the whole WOW factor of the CSL DD was it's low price exactly like you said) and it might put people off buying. Either that or keep the retail price the same and sell the base at more of a loss.

    If either is true that means less profit for Fanatec. By letting as many people buy the CSL DD and GT DD Pro as possible in its current state now, all of those people become potential customers to buy the QR2 upgrade which overall probably nets a far bigger profit margin than the previous scenario.

    After seeing a few poll results on forums the CSL DD is the most commonly used DD wheel now which is no surprise considering its price point. But if I had to guess, the profit margin on the CSL DD to hit that price point is very thin which and they're relying on the "accessories" like the Boost Kit and the QR2 to increase the profit margin which is why the QR2 hasn't been released yet.

    A lot of guessing and assuming from my part and to be clear, I don't mind sales tactics, everyone does them, but what does bother me is the complete lack of transparency than Fanatec are giving about this. It smells shady and underhanded.

    If there's another legitimate reason why the QR2 isn't released yet, like for example if they're planning to replace the QR1 for the QR2 for any new wheelbases on launch they could have supply issues to get that many QR2's ready. That's fine, I'm okay with that.

    I'm okay with either scenario's, but like I said in my original post, I just wish they would cut the underhanded shady silence out and be a little bit transparent with their userbase.

  • Another possibility is that Moza put out a surprise and now they have to rethink their plan. The R9 with it's outstanding QR for a similar price (CSL DD) might have them back at the drawing board for the marketing/pricing aspect!

  • I can't wait to see the QR2 show up.

    Feels likes it's been a really long time.

  • Not sure what can be taking so long, it must be at least 2 years now since it was first mentioned, there are obviously some teething issues but I expected to have heard more about it by now, same with the Bentley wheel. I think fanatec are better off not discussing new products like this until they are in production, they just set themselves up for anger and frustration from those that are keen to purchase.

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