For sale: Gran Turismo wheel (GT DD Pro)

Hugo VranicHugo Vranic Member
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I'm selling my Gran Turismo wheel bundled with the GT DD Pro. It's used but in as new condition. Everything works perfectly, and I'll probably regret selling it...

Since the QR Lite might be a weak point - mine seems solid though - I'll send a brand new one as well if a replacement is ever needed in the future.

The wheel is light and has a good size (good FFB with 8 Nm or weaker bases), and the shifters and buttons are of solid quality.

I have no idea what these wheels are worth so please suggest something. I've seen Ebay bidding around 200 euros but I'm open for lower than that.

I'm in Sweden but can ship to anywhere in EU. It'll be properly cleaned and packaged with good protection against shipment damage.


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