CSP V2 pedals and CSL DD Base

so here goes

i am lucky enough to have a set of CSP v3 Pedals as well as a set of CSP v2 Pedals

I also have a CSL GT DD Pro Base

And A regular CSL DD Base

Problem is that when i connect the v3 pedals to either base they work perfectly (connected with the RJ cable)

The v2 pedals are connected via the Serial>RJ cable to the wheel base

The v2 Pedals are also fine on the CSL GT DD Pro Base

However the v2 Pedals are not recognised on the regular CSL DD Base

The v2's also work perfectly via USB

i plan to have the v3's connected to the GT DD Pro

and i need the v2's to connect to the Regular DD

any advice would be greatly appreciated


  • Solved

    It appeared that the RJ Plug just needed a wiggle.

    when on my Rig the Plug to the wheel was not inserting fully as the sockets are in a different location on the bases.

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