Super newb here with a question about Fanatec compatibility to PS5

Hey all. Not new to racing games, but completely new to wheel base/wheel combos. Just ordered the GT DD Pro, the Elite McLaren GT3 V2 wheel, and the CSL pedals. Going to start with what I have, which is a PS5 and GT7 and F1 22. Do I need to hook this kit up to a PC for an update before I can use it on my PS5? I'm buying a new pc shortly, but I don't currently have a Windows based computer. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks!


  • You wont need to update it straight away - it would be a bit rubbish if you couldnt use it right away.

    But the firmware may need updating to fix any bugs/issues - depending on what firmware is already loaded.

  • Thanks, man! I was hoping that was the case. I'm getting a new pc in the next couple of weeks, but I've got a new cockpit coming and I was hoping to be able to bolt this up and get into GT7 without any issues. I'm also hoping that, since I just ordered it, that it'll come with the latest firmware.

    Thanks again!

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