My CSL Elite Wheel base stopped functioning.

My wheel base stopped powering on. It started happening when it was only 6 months old. I would press the power button and nothing happened. If I pressed it several times eventually it would turn on. After a while, and out of warranty, it would take minutes of pressing the button before it would turn on. Then about a month ago it would no longer function at all. I have years of experience trouble shooting computers and soldering and some training in tube amplifier repair, so I understand a little about electronics and power supplies. I decided to disassemble my wheel base and trouble shoot it. I found if I disconnected everything but the fan and power switch module from the circuit board it would power on. The I began reconnecting one cable at a time, it did not matter which cable I reattached the base would not power on. So I checked the incoming voltage from the power block, it held steady at 24vdc. Then I notice on the circuit board 2 capacitors and a inductor coil, a classic Pi filter, which is a part of the power supply that is on the circuit board. I replaced these 2 capacitors and now my wheel base functions like new. I am disappointed that Fanatec used such low quality capacitors that they began to fail in just 6 months.


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