Clubsport V3 Latest firmware?

Hi all, I was just curious what the latest firmware is and when it was released. Ive been running my pedals for over a year without update but id have to take apart half my rig to get the USB hooked up so Im wondering if the firmware has been updated and if so, is it worth all the work it will take to update them? Thanks!


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    Latest Firmware was released with Driver 442 last month and is version 1.34.

    However, the driver was taken offline because too many had issues with updating the base firmware. There will be a new driver 443 with a new CSP Firmware version 1.35 soon.

  • Good morning.

    If i update the firmware to play in pc an then i play xbox x that will work or i have to download a specific firmware to play xbox?

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  • That will work

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