Issues with payment

I keep getting an error payment warning with no codes or anything. If I use my card it says payment refused and when trying to use PayPal it doesn’t redirect or anything. I’ve tried contacting support but the wait time for replies is 7 days or more. Anymore know of any issues or work arounds? I should add that I’ve contacted my bank and there is no problem on their end.


  • For this issue, other forum posts have said they reply much more quickly.

    When I first ordered from Fanatec, my credit card company contacted me for suspected fraud. Did that happen to you?

  • Nope. It’s my debit card through my bank and everything is good on their end. They first time I tried to purchase the payment actually went through and was immediately refunded. The error says to email [email protected] and that email is a dead end. My emails won’t go through to it so I emailed the shop email.

  • I’m on the same situation since 7 days ago, I email [email protected] without answer .... I’m try with other browser, with other ip, clear cookies, everything and nothing happens ......

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