How to add Forza Horizon 5 (from Gamepass) to Fanalab

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i am wondering how to add such a gamepass game to fanalab since these games don´t offer any *.exe file to add to a game profile. I want fanalab to load the according profile once the game is starting.

Any suggestions?

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  • It's not possible to add Games from the Microsoft Store to FanaLab because Microsoft is blocking access to those exe files

  • To be clear, you can still add the games from Game Pass if you simply want a way to keep all of your profiles properly organized by game. You just can't launch them from within Fanalab.

    For example I have Wreckfest on Game Pass, and have added it to Fanalab with its own picture, but when Fanalab asks for the exe, I simply point it to some other game or application. I just have to make sure that I then manually load the profile I want before playing. But I always do this anyway, so for me it's not a problem.

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    There's a workaround with Steam and UWPHook apps. (GitHub - BrianLima/UWPHook: 🔗 Add your Windows Store or UWP games to Steam).

    Using Steam app allows to open a game directly from Fanalab by double clicking on a game profile. So if you're not interested in having this feature you can safely skip this part of the tutorial.

    In Steam app you can add an app/ a game from outside of Steam. But Windows UWP apps cannot be added easly. This is where UWPHook app comes to play. It can scan all UWP apps and add selected to Steam. Just proceed with adding your racing games to Steam library.

    Ok, but now you need ID of the game from Steam and permission to the UWP executable of the game in order to create fully working custom game profile in Fanalab.

    Steam game ID:

    To get the ID you need to create a desktop shortcut from "Manage" menu of the game in Steam. Once you open properties of the shortcut you should find the ID as part of the URL property.

    Permissions to the UWP executable

    Let's consider an example of "Forza Horizon 5" game. On my computer the location is at "C:\XboxGames\Forza Horizon 5". In "Content" subfolder you can find "ForzaHorizon5.exe" executable. But you don't have sufficient permissions to use it in Fanalab app for exe detection. All we need is fake "ForzaHorizon5.exe" file with proper permissions.

    1. Open Windows Explorer and enable showing file name extensions.
    2. Go to "C:\XboxGames\Forza Horizon 5\Content" folder.
    3. Rename oryginal "ForzaHorizon5.exe" to "ForzaHorizon5.exe.bak" or whatever you want. Just to keep the file safe. You should have permissions to do so.
    4. Create new, empty file of any kind (usually best choice is just plain text file) with "ForzaHorizon5.exe" name.
    5. Now you can switch to Fanalab app and create new custom game making use if the app ID from Steam and use the fake executable for "Exe detection" in the game profile.
    6. Now you can delete the fake executable and restore the oryginal one's name so the game could run properly.

    I know this tutorial is pretty broadbrush but providing too much details could make this tutorial unreadable. If you stuck on any point feel free to issue a comment. I'll be happy to help you on that.

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