Problemen DRS

Dear All,

Yesterday I bought a playseat with a Fanatech Wheel CLS elite, Wheel Base and Pedals. While playing F1 2022 in combination with the PC and Fanatec set I found out that the DRS doesn't work. The buttons on the steering wheel itself do work. When I play F1 2022 on PC with controller, DRS works normally.

Does anyone know the solution for this?

I look forward to your response


  • Sounds like you may have a slight lingering input on your brake pedal, causing the DRS to immediately deactivate. If you're able to recalibrate your pedals in the Fanatec control panel, you should do so (not all pedals have this feature). Otherwise, in the F1 game, go into your control options and set a slight dead zone for your brake and see if that gets rid of the problem for you.

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