Two drivers pop up in control panel? (joy.cpl)

For as long as I can remember, there have always been x2 "Fanatec DD1" drivers that pops up in control panel. I remember one Fanatec employee told me that this is normal..

But the problem is that every time I turn on my DD1, it chooses one of those two drivers to work as a "main driver". What happens is that Assetto Corsa Content Manager can't treat them as one driver.. So one day I assign my buttons, but the next day I turn on my DD1, the button mappins are wrong. This is because this time, my DD1 chose the other driver..

I'm literally re-mapping Assetto Corsa almost every day (sometimes it holds for a few days if I'm lucky).. Is there a way to alleviate this problem? This problem is very spesific to Fanatec gear.


  • Are you perhaps using a USB hub? Windows can get funny and assign a new ID. Usually plugging the wheelbase directly into the PC solves this.

    Or there has been mention of a bit of software to fix the USB ID - I cant remember what its called but it has been mentioned on these forums previously

  • Oh, interesting. I'd like to know about this USB ID software if you (or anyone) can find it. I am using a USB hub yes. Cable is not long enough to my PC, so it has to be that way. I think however that the main issue is the driver confusion with the two identical fanatec drivers that pops up in control panel.. It picks one or the other, and Content Manager gets confused.. ID seems correct, but the driver has changed, so buttons don't react anymore

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    No it's not the Fanatec Driver which changes anything. The issue is that with a USB Hub Windows reassigns the USB IDs after every Windows Start so one time the first USB device entry for the Fanatec Base is taken first and then sometime it's the other. Nothing you can do about this other than directly connecting the Fanatec Base to a USB port from your Mainboard or find such a Tool which fixes the USB ID order permanently (if such a Tool is working, dont know).

    But Fanatec devices have to have 2 USB entries. And they have this since the release of the CSW V2.5 6 years ago.

  • It might be worth using a usb extension cable instead of a hub?

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