Beeping Microphone


I have a very weird problem with my dd1. As soon as I turn it on, my microphone has a beeping noise in the background (eg: for others in discord).

I have the newest firmware installed and it has nothing to do with my wheel, it is the same when I remove it.

I also tried to use different sockets to put the cable in but still the same problem.

It has to do with the distance between me and the base, if I move myself away a bit, it's less or not there anymore. When I touch the base it gets very load.

I also tried a different headset already.

As far as I know I did not change anything on my setup, so the problem occurd out of nowhere.

Thank you for your help,



  • Hello. Search on Google EMI. Particularly for hi-fi systems which looks more like your specific case.

    I would recommend that you ground your cockpit if you haven't already. Sometimes even the way of grounding the cockpit could do the trick.

    Conversely, you could insulate the wheelbase from the cockpit using plastic washers and electrical tape, so that there is no metal contact between the two structures.

    Inserting clips with ferrite cores can also help.

    But first I would do a research on EMI for audio systems. Whistling microphones are very common.

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